Going crazy! Big news regarding athletics at the University of Utica

They’re preparing for some big “takedowns” at the University of Utica. However, the news will see some future student athletes doing somersaults on campus, quite literally.

Everything from takedowns, headlocks, and full-nelsons to backflips, takedowns, tucks, and twists will be coming to the University of Utica next year. College officials announced that the athletic department is expanding as gymnastics, men’s wrestling and women’s wrestling will be added beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

“Gymnastics and wrestling are wonderful additions to our existing Olympic sports offerings and both are recognized as NCAA Emerging Women’s Sports,” university president Dr. Laura Casamento said in announcing the news.

Utica U is in the process of accepting coach applications for each of the three new programs, and these new coaches will be immediately tasked with recruiting freshmen and transfer students, Casamento said, both locally and across the country. country.

“There are thousands of high school wrestlers and gymnasts across the country looking for the opportunity to continue to compete at the college level,” added Dave Fontaine, Utica athletic director.

Officials expect the additions to increase Utica’s total number of student-athletes from about 700 to 800.

All three programs will compete at the Division III level. Utica will become one of approximately 80 NCAA schools to offer gymnastics, fewer than 20 of which compete at the D3 level.

Regarding the possibility of other sports programs, namely men’s and women’s hockey, being accepted for competition in NCAA Division 1 sports, Casamento said this would automatically elevate the remaining D-3 programs. at the D-2 level, including these new additions.

The expansion will bring the total number of intercollegiate sports at UU to 29, officials said.

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