Now that he’s scoring headers, Club America and their decision to sign Acevedo

Carlos Acevedo and Club America.

Carlos Acevedo continues to impress everyone. The goalkeeper has now done an unthinkable act in the game between Santos and Querertaro. It turns out that the keeper scored the equalizer in the 99th minute of the game. A genuine header that beat goalkeeper Gallos Blancos.

The goalkeeper’s recent performances have already aroused the interest of Club America, who are looking for a replacement for Guillermo Ochoa and know that Acevedo fits the profile they are looking for. Carlos Acevedo is the future of the Mexican national team.

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The interest of Club America is concrete according to the Mexican media. Guillermo Ochoa doesn’t have a secure future at the club and that’s why the club’s board have no time to waste and are ready to invest in a goalkeeper like Carlos Acevedo.

How much would it cost to sign Acevedo?

According to information from the Mexican media Multimedios Torreón, the price of the Santos Laguna goalkeeper is worth 5 million euros. In this sense, it is an amount that the Coapa club must pay.

Helen J. Jimenez