Sender’s Smoke Joint in Teaneck, NJ smokes hot

Shipper Kosher Smoke Seallocated in Teaneck, NJ, just 10 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, is smoking. A longtime favorite of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans — who can’t get enough of delicious kosher sliced ​​brisket, pastrami, ribs (and more) — is now becoming a national hot spot as people from all over the country make it a destination. Smoked pastrami is new to the incredible menu, just in time for the Jewish New Year, but you don’t need an occasion to enjoy Sender’s, just your hunger.

Chef Gabe Gilbert is the “brain behind the chest”. Shortly after graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in 2008, her professional career began as a Sous Chef. Over the years, Gabe has gained a lot of experience cooking in the culinary world, from sous chef to caterer to head chef and executive at Sender’s Smoke Joint. Gabe has an in-depth knowledge of kosher cuisine and enjoys finding creative ways to combine traditional and non-traditional flavors in his cooking, creating a truly extraordinary dining experience for his customers. A robust passion for food has been his motivation to learn and master his craft which shines through in his tasteful and inventive dishes.

“At Sender’s, my goal was to introduce a fusion of Latin street food, the delicious smoked meats of the South, and a delicious twist of classic Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, generating an appetizing menu to please every palate,” says Chief Gilbert.

The chef and the varied, high-quality menu make Sender’s Smoke Joint a unique restaurant that offers world-class kosher sliced ​​smoked meats, pizzas, bites, sandwiches and desserts for lunch and dinner. Nowhere else will you find such a unique blend of smoked kosher meats and other authentic international flavors and dishes influenced by French and Hispanic dishes.

The menu features a fantastic mix of the highest quality kosher smoked meats combined with unique combinations only found at Senders. You’ll be hard pressed to find a range of stuffed sandwiches that can compete with the endless list, including their famous:

  • Signature Ziggy Sandwich: Made with crispy chicken, maple bourbon, pulled brisket, crispy onions and chunks of beef bacon – Teaneck’s #1 selling sandwich!
  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich: Composed of Crispy Chicken with Marinara Sauce, Garlic Custard, Cashew Parmesan Crust
  • Fried or grilled chicken sandwich: made with maple bourbon, garlic aioli, tomato, lettuce, pickles and crispy onions
  • Ground beef sandwich: ground beef brisket with veal, top rib, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, romaine lettuce and shredded carrot
  • Smoked brisket sandwich: slice of brisket with coleslaw, pickles, barbecue sauce and bourbon caramelized onions

  • Super spicy Louisiana sandwich: made with crispy chicken, romaine lettuce and pickles, in a Papi Sazon sauce
  • Mendy’s Italian Meatball Sandwich: Italian meatballs with marinara, garlic aioli and tumbleweed onions
  • Portobello sandwich: made with grilled portobello, spinach, spicy aioli, pickled red onions and pickled jalapeño
  • Famous pastrami sandwich: made with sliced ​​smoked pastrami, garlic aioli, lettuce, pickled red onions and pickled jalapeno
  • Vegetarian burrito: grilled whole-wheat wrap loaded with rice and beans, roasted vegetables, sliced ​​tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and garlic aioli
  • Wrap Grande Papi: grilled whole wheat wrap, stuffed with homemade macaroni and cheese, shredded smoked bacon, shredded lettuce and spicy aioli
  • The 2020: marinated grilled steak, beef sausage, Jenga fries, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce and shredded romaine
  • The Firebird: fried chicken with homemade sweet and spicy Ezzie sauce, Jenga fries, lettuce and spicy aioli
  • The turkey burger: ground turkey, sliced ​​red onion, garlic aioli, shredded lettuce and crispy turkey pastrami
  • The Juan Goldberg (JG) sandwich: bed of lettuce, sausage, fried chicken, fries, coleslaw, fried onions and aioli

But Shipper Kosher Smoke Seal is more than just jaw-dropping sandwiches. They also serve freshly made soups daily, as well as a variety of pizzas, including Sender’s Veggie Pie – with shaved fennel, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, cashew parmesan and aioli. Garlic – Sender’s California Pie – with marinara, shaved pineapple, caramelized onions, jalapeños, smoked pulled chicken, sausages and beef bacon – or try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza or the Pulled Brisket Pizza .

Additionally, Sender’s meat pies include pastrami empanadas, Mexican beef empanadas, and brisket empanadas, as well as desserts, such as the trio of dessert empanadas, with chocolate fudge, cinnamon crisp and coffee con leche. Other desserts include the French Chocolate Beignet – made with a French cream beignet and gourmet bittersweet chocolate – the Champagne Apple Berry – a French citrus cream beignet with a champagne apple compote – and more Again !

Chef Gilbert is a true culinary connoisseur who finds creative inspiration for his dishes from his culinary background, as well as his travels across the United States and around the world.

Given the family service setting and fantastic team at Sender’s USA, Chef Gilbert can also be seen around the restaurant chatting with customers and enjoying the fabulous cuisine.

To see dinner, lunch, and other menu items at Senders USA, visit and follow them on Instagram (@SendersNJ) and Facebook (@SendersSJ). The shipper is located at 190 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck NJ 07666. Call 201.357.2255.

Photo credit: Courtesy of sender

Helen J. Jimenez