Shohei Ohtani spotted wearing the perfect NFL jersey

The NFL season is officially upon us.

Last night we had the season opener on Thursday Night Football with the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills.

The excitement over the start of the NFL season has also spilled over into the baseball world.

Players will of course have their own fantasy football teams, but they’ll be thrilled to see their favorite football stars get into it this season.

Shohei Ohtani is one of many MLB players delighted with the start of the season.

Yesterday, a photo surfaced of the Los Angeles Angels star wearing a Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson jersey.

Representatives of Ohtani Lamar Jackson

It is a good choice for a jersey.

Jackson is one of the NFL’s most exciting young quarterbacks, just as Ohtani is one of Major League Baseball’s most exciting stars.

It’s almost as if the two worlds collide here.

But Ohtani looks pretty good in that Lamar Jackson jersey.

You know he’s excited for the start of the season and the chance to see Jackson again on Sunday.

You can’t really go wrong with a jersey like this.

It looks good on the two-way star.

The upside-down cap is also very comfortable to wear with the jersey.

Ohtani certainly brought the swagger yesterday.

A Jackson jersey is the perfect way to kick off the NFL season in style.

Ohtani is ready to leave for a soccer game on Sunday.

You can bet Jackson is too.

Let’s hope Jackson catches wind of Ohtani picking up his jersey.

They are two of the most exciting young athletes in all of sport.

We can only hope that Ohtani will represent this shirt again.

Helen J. Jimenez