The endless evolution of Jersey Club

A chamber producer in the most glorious sense, when TAH talks about their ideal studio, they build an image of slippers at the entrance, water fountains and “a bigger budget version” of their current setup, full of synths. Moog and soft stuff. “When I’m at home, it’s to sleep or do things. It makes production more sacred to me – rest is sacred,” they say.

Something enigmatic yet very prolific, TAH has a plethora of unreleased tracks just to play. Sometimes they take notes on how to improve a track as it hits the dance floor — “on those $2 million sound systems in New York.” It’s this perfectionism that allows for such a nuanced and intuitive sound. On the single ‘Clean House feat. History’, from their upcoming album ‘THICC’, you can hear an amalgamation of techniques from when TAH was working in AV post-production, pinpoint sounds like rippling gunfire against drums boosted with the Oversampled plugin Pancz.

“’THICC’ is going to be a lot of rhythmic sound design. It’s important to combine all the weird audio crap you’ve learned over the years and try to make something out of it; they are your tools to build a house,” says TAH. In addition to the Jersey club, ‘THICC’ is influenced by the vibe, ghetto house by artists like Chicago’s Wax Master, booty house, shake dat ass music and jungle and break culture. They’ve always slid between genres, like with their UK track ‘696’ featuring ’89 The Brainchild, which oscillates between guttural inflections and edgy delivery, complete with ad-libs from Kohai, The Wonderguy.

Elsewhere, their ambient track “At The Heart Of Every Poem, There’s A Woman” is a great example of the noticeable meditative quality of all TAH’s music. “I make music in a meditative way; it’s like, ‘This is how I feel right now, I just got off work and I want to be creative’. Creating is for me first, and for listening second. The piece itself is a dancing meditation.

During TAH’s shifts as a CBD delivery driver, they listen to jazz on WBGO 88.3 FM. “I get samples and ideas. Jersey is an aggressive riding state, the jazz gives you the straight head.

Listening to TAH’s music is like coming across a journal in a video game, a logbook of someone exploring themselves, their artistry, and where the Jersey club can go. “It became something bigger than just dance music,” they say. “We’re in our roaring twenties – making free-form, more experimental music, diving into different sounds.”

Photo credit: Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.

Helen J. Jimenez