UCI World Championships Live – Men’s Elite Road Race


Here’s the story behind van der Poels’ party last night.

Apparently he didn’t get much sleep last night because of kids upsetting him at his hotel. It is an unfortunate situation, indeed.

We learn that Mathieu Van Der Poel (NED) has given up!

The average speed of this race is 49 km/h. They are not joking at the moment. But in the peloton, things calmed down. The gap is 3 minutes.

There are a few runners in the chase group. Ognjen Ilić (SRB) and Rien Schuurhuis (VAT) are 1’25 behind and Muradjan Khalmuratov (UZB) is about to join them.

The gap is only getting bigger as the peloton comes to a halt for now. He is currently doing 1’35 with 240km to go.

The gap has increased to 50 seconds.

Here is the breakaway 250km from the finish: Pier-André Coté (CAN), Bilguunjargal Erdenabat (MNG), James Fouché (NZL), Michael Kukrle (CZE), Emils Liepins (LAT), Scott Mcgill (USA), Lukasz Owsian (POL), Simon Pellaud (SUI), Jaka Primozic (SLO), Juraj Sagan (SVK), Guy Sagiv (ISR) and Nicolas Sessler (BRA).

The gap is 20 seconds for the leaders. We sort the names…

More and more riders are jumping from the front of the peloton, but some teams are trying to close it.

Looks like a large group of runners are finally getting some distance – maybe around 10?

We are 10 km from the race.

A dozen leaders form, but the peloton responds.

The pace is extremely fast – there are a lot of gaps in the peloton, but maybe this group is coming together.

It looks like we’re already getting a well-established group off the ground.

The attacks began immediately. More and more runners are jumping from the front.

Official start of the race!

We are 3km from the official start. The weather is really beautiful compared to yesterday!

The flag lowered to start the neutralized part of the race.

Julian Alaphilippe (FRA) has won this race twice and takes the front row as defending champion. You can never consider him a competitor, but his preparation is less than ideal.

The riders have lined up and are only a few minutes from the start. The weather today for the men’s elite road race is 18 degrees Celsius.

Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews’ live coverage of the combined elite men’s road race at the 2022 UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong.

Helen J. Jimenez